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Human 2 Business: VERA.

VERA Methodology

Did you know that the name VERA stands for faith; sincerity; truth and trust stands? At Split The Sea, VERA also stands for the following:

What is change management?

Changes are necessary and constant within an organization. 

Where project management tends to frame the technical aspects of a change process (budget management, scope and time monitoring, risk management, etc.), in the past less attention was paid to the impact that all these changes have on employees.

Change management will focus more on the human aspects of change. It offers organizations the opportunity to support employees in a structured way during the numerous change processes they go through.

More attention to the human side of projects ensures that the desired end situation is better understood and supported. This increases the chance of projects succeeding and achieving goals. In other words, a higher chance of a high ROI.


Organizations are constantly subject to numerous changes. Just think of new goals that are set, mergers between 2 companies, new employees within the company or people who leave, the implementation of a new software package. But external factors also create the need for change. The changing demands and expectations of customers, higher quality standards, a changing political climate and a multicultural society are just a few of them.

Changes also come faster and are more complex. Large projects lasting more than a year are no longer managed in a traditional 'Waterfall' system, in which analysis, design and development follow each other nicely. Change management offers organizations the opportunity to provide an answer to these challenges that is flexible and yet sufficiently focused.

Change Management

The success of initiatives and projects within organizations is highly dependent on the extent to which the people within those organizations accept and use the new processes, structures and working methods. If the new processes and tools are not used or used incorrectly, the desired results will not be achieved.

Within a given project there is often a strong focus on the technical aspects and the successes are measured on the basis of this technical result. There is nothing wrong with that, but a tool to achieve a goal quickly becomes an end in itself. With the often difficult implementation of a new software package to reduce the lead time of production, the organization is already satisfied at the end of the process when the new software is finally delivered. There is no energy, let alone budget, left over to map out the impact on the lead time after implementation. And wasn't that the original goal?

Change management continues where the project stops. Only when the employees effectively embrace and make use of the changes within the organization will a real Return On Investment be realised.

The V (verbinden) of Connecting

This means connecting people as well as connecting your strategy to your operations.


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The E of Engage

We ensure that your employees are engaged and have the necessary capabilities and resources.


The R of Responsibility

Engagement and accountability actually go together. Among other things, they have to do with the trust and responsibility of your employees.


The A of Activate

We move people! When all noses are pointing in the same direction, we are ready to roll out concrete changes.


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