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As an independent partner, Split The Sea supports your organization during change processes/transformations.

Our Human Change Experts have years of experience in guiding and supporting organizations and their employees. They know the dangers of the sea, know how to put out fires and how to steer the ship's course back in the right direction.

Just like on a ship, it's all about effortless collaboration between the crew members. Our experts take a dynamic, hands-on approach to ensure the ship's crew is working towards mutual goals.

Of course we never lose sight of the business!

Your partner
in change.

Thomas Malfait

Human Change Expert / Manager

0479 87 86 47

Véronique Dewettinck


0497 67 23 13

Sylvie Floryn

Career Guidance

0498 51 51 92

Luc Bollies

Career guidance

0488 57 01 26

We would love to hear your story and needs.  
Contact us for an appointment without obligation.

Change starts here!

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