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Human 2 Human:
Change Coaching.


As captain of your ship, how do you focus on the autonomy, involvement and competence of your crew members? How do you have an impact on your employees? Communication and trust are the key elements.

Successful change mainly has to do with involving your employees. Let the ideas come from your employees, because that's how they feel valued and so you all are going in the same direction.

Before, during and after a change process, employees are often assigned a different role with different responsibilities and skills. Coaching your employees helps them to embrace these new roles/responsibilities.

Within the sports world, no one can imagine playing a sport (as an individual or in team) without a coach. After all, getting better at what you do often requires someone walking along the sidelines. A good coach challenges and helps you remember your goals and how to achieve them. He stimulates and supports you when things get though. We are happy to act as your coach, so that you in turn can coach your team in optimal conditions.

H2H: Change coaching.

Just as it is difficult for a captain to close his eyes to an approaching storm, it is important for an entrepreneur to pay attention to these changes and their consequences for the organization and employees. Otherwise there is a risk that the intended goals will not be achieved.


Changes are coming at us faster and faster. The digital (r)evolution, industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, … We are confronted with it every day these days. But our own expectations also change. For example, if you order something online, you want it delivered to your home a few hours later. We no longer buy music, but rent it through all kinds of platforms. We need to cook healthy food and put sporting challenges on our calendar.

Explanation change coaching:

Change management focuses on the human aspects of change. It offers organizations the opportunity to support employees in a structured way during the numerous change processes they go through.
More attention to the human side of projects ensures that the desired end situation is better understood and supported. This increases the chance of projects succeeding and achieving goals. In other words, a higher chance of a high ROI.

"If you want to build a ship, don't gather people to collect wood and don't assign tasks and work to them.
Rather, teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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